A love letter to you

Dear …………..,

No matter who you are, how your life is today, how many years you have lived on this earth, what you have done before, things you wish were undone. No matter how your body is. What thoughts you think. No matter what profession you have. Where you live. No matter if you do not have a job to go to. No matter illness. No matter how little or much money you have on your account. Whether you are tired or full of energy. If you love your life, think it’s okay or think it’s hard to live …

You deserve happiness.

To live a happy life. Wake up every morning and think – wow what a life I live! The days flow into each other, you lay down when you’re tired and get up when you’re ready. It’s like living without time. You just are.

You have the guts to go for – let’s call it your dreams. Even though it is challenging and you might fail, you do it. When you get challenges in life, you tackle them in a way that makes it almost fun, because you know it means a new level. Remember, your dreams are your dreams, if they look small from the perspective of others, remember, it’s only the community that has created it like that. Your dreams is possible to reach – never forget that!

You know you have your task, you have something to do in this life, that’s why you were born. If you have not seen your task yet, whether you have recently started or are well on your way – it’s not important, it’s your way to go. In the same way if the task seems big to others, it’s not for you, because it’s created for you. Only you – you are chosen to do this task in this life – never forget it!

You’re part of something bigger. Perhaps you can feel lonely with your dreams and lifemission, thoughts and feelings – and the uncertainty about your next right step. You are not alone. Never forget that! We are all part of something, it’s just not easy to see, and in the competition, bullying, feelings of not being good enough, likes and comments, glossy magazines, expectations, measurement of success as something “outside” .. yes it is easy to lose the courage. But you are important and you are never alone – never forget that!

If you feel like you’re in the right place in your life, but want to be on a higher level: read on because you can help others. Or that you want to be just where you are: read on, you can give your support that helps others on their way. If you feel you’re not where you should be in life, read on, these next words will help you.

There are 3 words that are important to your happiness in life. Word No. 1 is


Your story. Your story. What story you live every day. Do you live the story you want every day? If yes – hipp hurray for that! Perhaps you have gone a crooked way to get there, or maybe it was easy? Anyway – congratulations, it’s hugely important. It’s the story you’re living today that defines you, not the story of your past, it’s not important, it’s just something you’ve got with you.

In your story are the four major: love, health, work and money.

Are you someone who lives in a story you do not want to be identified with?

Do you live in a love story that you do not like – do you miss love in life? Whether you have too little love for yourself or miss to receive love from others – you want to live in love.

Or is your health not what it’s supposed to be? No matter whether it’s psychic or physical – whether it’s chronic or something you think may disappear. You want to make sure you’re just able to live your life.

Work. The hours we spend on contributing something to society in one way or another. Are you not completely happy at work? Could have done something different, changed department, or found happiness where you are. Do you want to start a business or maybe you have your own company and think it’s difficult.

The famous money, of concern to the poor and too the rich … it is so sad – that the money should be allowed to mean so much or what? You just want to live, so for some reason, you may live in a money-energy that does not make you feel good. In order to create a good life, the economy must somehow be in balance for you.

No matter which of the four major you’re not happy with, whether it’s one or more – then you’ll know that you can do something about it if you want! I say if you want, because it’s not everyone who wants to. Some really think it’s okay to be in a crappy story, yes, in a tough story, there’s a lot of sympathy, many bad words that we can swim around with. “The Victim Pool” – let’s call it that for simplicity . It gets so muddy that we do not see it ourselves. We swim around and the water does not get clean no matter how much we swim. There is only one thing that helps. Get out of the pool.

I’m writing it in love. You do not have to swim around in that pool anymore. Nobody needs to. Those who swim around there choose it themselves and sometimes close their eyes when they see a clean pool full of opportunity and happiness – a new story. Why? Yes, because we have never swam in the new pool. Perhaps it’s deeper. Bigger. Different. Who do we meet in that pool. There are many thoughts that swir. The safest thing is to be in the “victim pool”. In every case, we know what is there, what happens every day, which people we meet in the pool. Other victims also. And then sometimes someone passes and gives a heart, likes or comment – maybe while they are on their way to their own pool.

What pool do you want to swim in? “Victim pool” or “Happiness pool”?

If your answer is a victim, you can stop reading now.

If the answer is “happiness pool” – amazing! You have taken a conscious choice of what you want in your life. Everything starts with a choice. One of my most important mantra is: DCS: Decide – Commit – Succeed. Make the choice, commit yourself – then you will be successful.

What is really a success? It’s so easy to misunderstand. Let’s take the very essence of it:
“It’s not the success that makes you happy – but the happiness that gives you success.”

When you live the way you are meant to live, 100% real – like yourself, you will also be a happy person. You just are. Then what you will do, when you live in passion, when you live authentically – you will have the success you want in this life. It will be delivered to you in some way sooner or later – and crazy enough, your patience and trust, which indicates that you live like you – will make your delivery come faster.

The next word that matters to your happiness is


Are you filled with energy when you wake up? How is your energy during a typical day? Typical week? Do you have low or high energy? What energy do you send out? Do you send out energy filled with love, trust, happiness, abundance, generosity … or send out energy that is full of fear, control, stress, low self-esteem, concern ….

“What we send out, is what we get in return”

Oh that’s so hard many times! We want something, and it’s tough – and we know we need to be in the right energy, but then we’ll go down – being a victim, it hurts, we are tired, things are hard, we’ll hurry …. And boom – right back to the start.

Choosing the right energy is like an art, a dance, a choice yes – but so much more – because it’s the flow we are in, the level, the state, what we see when we close our eyes. Then it is ruined by old thoughts and feelings from our old story. Couldn´t it be easier! Well, it is actually … but let’s also mention the no 3 that are important to happiness – 


I love to meditate and communicate with the universe and the spirits, but they do not fix my website! They do not train for me. They do not cook my dinner. They do not write my book, or build my center – or whatever I want to do. I actually have to do that job!

So get going every day – yes it matters a lot. The steps you go every day, what is it – it’s your story. The easiest thing is to do the same as we did yesterday, and last week and last month – and year. We know how to do it, it’s safe, although it can be crappy.

To do something new, a new action, create new rituals in life – it requires. A big load of energy, a clear picture of the new story you want to create – and a plan that works .. not just sometimes, but  every day. Every single day you will live this new story, be in the right energy and take action that not only leads you to more goals in your life, but also makes you happy on the road. For this we all know. The road is the goal. The goal is over in 1 second, but your road continues. Every second. Every minute. Hour. Day. Week. Month. Year.
How do you want to live the rest of your life?

Do you want to live the way you do the rest of your life?

It’s a powerful question. I asked myself this a few years ago as I stood crying in the bathroom and did not know how to proceed. Why this dramatic question? Just because we know that we copy our thoughts, feelings, actions and manifestations of life every single day. That’s why it’s so hard to change for so many.

Ask yourself now.

Do I want to live like this for the rest of your life?

If the answer is yes – hurray, proceed with what you are doing.

If the answer is no – then it’s time to do something about it, or what? Nothing is worse than knowing that you want something else, but you dont do anything about it. Procrastination. Apology. Victim role. It’s so tiring. It’s a waste of life.

If you want to live a happy life and be ready to do something about it – change your story, your energy, your action – to create the life you want – then I’m here to help you if you let me.

Who am I? I’m Iisa. My task in life is to help people live a happy life. Happiness for a better world. Had I written this yesterday, these words had been a bit different. But you know, when we see our task clearly, the universe refurbishes for us. I’m working for peace. And peace starts with ourselves. When we find happiness within us, living from the inside and out, in confidence, we have peace. We are in balance. And balanced people do not make war but help others. At the same time, we can not just sit down to “hum.” We need to get up, gather the troops who want this, the Amazons – who wants something more, something bigger than ourselves.

There are so many who want this, but it’s so hard – because life is tough for many. We have created this way. A world where it’s about getting the most possible likes. Show the perfect exterior. Look the doors for people who are different from the “normal”. What’s really normal? Are you normal? If you are just you 100%  – then you are absolutely perfect as you are.

You do not need to prove anything. You do not need to explain anything. You do not need to defend anything.

I will invite you to become an amazon. A person who not only wants something more – but changes your story, no matter what the story has looked like before or now. A person who is in the right energy field for your own life, sends out the energy you want to send, giving you the life you want. A person who takes action even though it is tough, one who has chosen to take action – no matter how hard it may seem, the choice is already taken and you might need the support, the method and the help to do it – no danger, I will help you!

Believe me, I’ve been there – from growing up among alcoholic men, to bankruptcy, starting a new business, lecturer, online course, mastermind leader – and when it went very well, what happende – yes, the diagnosis of incurable cancer. Breast cancer that spread to the lungs. 8 tumors. At worst, half a year left to live. I continued my way.

But this is not about cancer. It’s about life. About a life that is good to live. If not, we are buried with our dreams. About meeting people who want to meet. To find strength together with others. When I got sick – so many said: you will win this fight! But there is no battle. I sent love to the cancer. I did not want to talk about battle!

But we get new insights on the road. I have been cancer-free now for a few years and hope it continues because I have a task to perform just like all other people. I am not finished. Surprisingly to myself, and certainly for those who know me, I now say:

It’s time for war. But not a normal war. A Love War. No matter how much love we send, it’s those who get together that wins. We often become so passive here we sit in love (or online), it’s going slowly with the world. Those who take action, they get other results. So the combination of love and action gives power!

Get up and say – I! I AM! I AM!

Get up now. Stand in your own power, find a mirror and look at yourself and say: I love you. Let your tears come for all that has been in the past. Let go. Allow the new story, the new energy, the new action – and do it together with others – then we are strong, a squad of love – that are seen, heard and create results together.

With love – Iisa Santorini