Are you an amazon?

What does this image show?

  1. Wonderwoman 2 which soon has premiere
  2. Advertising for a new bra manufacturer
  3. Photoshoot from Santorini for art exhibition
  4. The association “We over 40” annual general meeting
  5. The jewelery collection “Round Silver”‘ campaign
  6. Advertisement from second-hand market: “Everything you see in the picture is given away!”
  7. a 43-year-old woman from Kjøllefjord in Finnmark – Norway, she has given birth to 3 children, so therefore the stretch marks, she is missing a breast because she was diagnosed with breast cancer tha spread to her lungs in 2013. Mission: Live a happy life and inspire as many people as possible to do the same. Her favorite quote is from Les Brown:


“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”.

Those who guess correctly win a free swim to Santorini! And yes – we will invite you to a free lunch when you swim ashore! If you think, Lord – you can not write like that, it’s not funny! Cancer is not funny, neither is other diseases, bullying, loneliness, lack of love, lacking money on your account, a job you hate or not having a job …. but all this requires strength – to get out of the circle. And sometimes, Just laughing gives you new energy – and it brings more strength, or what? Have you been joking when everything seemed hopeless?

Amazon symbolizes a strong woman or man – because it turns out that in periods of life, many of us need a strength to get through what life gives us. What gives us strength? This is not about cancer – about school medicine or alternative treatment, chemotherapy or meditation … cancer is just one of the challenges that many of us has to face – it’s just the symbol of a challenge. When you see the scar where my breast was, you may see one of your scars, because you probably also have some – whether they are visible on the outside or inside – yes the inside are often the worst. The scar that never heals no matter how much you think you’ve worked to move on – “get over it”…

You have your story, your past – it does not identify you. It’s something you’ve experienced, which has given you the strength you have today, small or big – it’s your power. See your past as a strength, not a weakness. Use it for all it’s worth! But not like a victim, more like an amazon – one who brings out your weapon – whatever it is – it’s your passion – what keeps you up when everything else is crazy.

One of my weapons is my crazy humor. When I think I can´t take it anymore, when life gives me too many lemons and I have put them in both still water, sparkling water, over the salad and God knows where … they are everywhere and no it does not work to make a booth and sell lemonade outside here. Nobody wants your lemons, you have to fix it yourself!

What do you do? Yes, allow yourself to laugh at it all! Force yourself to let the laughter come out, laugh with me right now (Note: Must be done, not just read, I promise it helps!): Moooooaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! Hahahahahahaha – hehehehehehhehheh – hohohohohohohoh – hihihihihihihihihih – go crazy with me! Now!! Woop woop!!! 

Today we went to Akrotiri here i Santorini where we live, it’s been a dark day – it’s been dark days, yes we all have them at times, no matter how glossy everything looks from the outside. I’ve had days where I’ve wondered the meaning of life. Why am I here? Hellloooooo – “Is there anybody out there!” I’ve meditated many hours a day, sleeping, cried .. the mission is there – and I think it got too tough to carry.

But then I sat there in Akrotiri, the boats passing by, the sun, the wind, the happiness, the man I love, the buildings that have been there for years with only the framework, close by – the house with the vineyard that is for sale, the hotel with the 31 room for sale – it’s like a small village – Amazon – The center of happiness – Amazons coming there to find their strength … I can see it … we are starting.

When you find your passion, I think it helps you every day in life, to get up, do what you need, be there for those you love, walk the steps required – one step every day and you’ll reach your goals. My most important sentence in life is –

“Live as if it has already happened!”

But more about that in another blog.

With love

Iisa Santorini