Is it possible to believe in healing when you have incurable cancer?

“Lost the fight against cancer” – one of the ugliest sentences I read. Or you “you dont believe enough” – how many prayers are enough? How many times should you call a healer before it is enough? Oh, it’s about money maybe, that when you’ve only paid x dollars, then healing comes! Or – if you only do this ritual 500 times at sunrise in that position, yes, you can get well from everything – but you must TRY – do you hear me!

I have received healing and I give healing myself sometimes, but I hope to give another picture of this. I share how I experience the world, maybe it may contribute somewhere to someone.

The Real Amazon. Strong. Fighting spirit.

I recently posed with arrow and bow and without one breast. Not because I’m fighting against cancer, but because when we meet challenges, I think it might be smart to go into a mode where you are in the fighting spirit, “be an amazon” – the desire to hit a spot that helps you to get through the challenges and could lower your shoulders or at least live in an ok way with what you experience. And then – when we face challenges when we are not satisfied with the answers we get – so naturally, many seek for someone else who can help to get another result.

People with incurable cancer have one wish, and no its not about new curtains in the living room or wage increase – it is to be alive.

To live – Dont die before we are ready for it. Then it’s a mystery to me when I get bad comments like: “you should have been in prison”, “just realize you are going to die of this, do not spend your time deceiving others”, etc, etc … if you were in the same situation – you got the death sentence – what would you do? If you are lucky enough and not in that situation, let me tell you: you can, first of all, not know what you would do, so much I can tell you. I do not think we are able to understand what this means before we are there. Secondly, wouldnt you see if there were other possibilities?

In fact, I think that the vast majority of those who provide alternative treatment really want the best for us. Many of them have even lost someone close, felt powerless – and therefore worked to help others. Then it costs? Yes, it costs – alternative therapists also have loans, electricity, need food on the table etc .. I know many who really go through fire and water to help and hardly have anything for themselves. Is that correct?

So yes, there are some rotten eggs in the alternative world, like everywhere else. Some people see their inclination to exploit people in need unfortunately, and how do we know who really can do something and who that just fools us? Answer: You can not know. There is no guarantee. It’s not like if you just believe so you’ll be healed. This is my philosophy of life and I will explain some of my theory that I live by. If you agree or not its not important, I just want to share some thoughts today.

To believe – where does it come from? Well, our thoughts that we have had for a long time. So if we, as humans, have thought that some type of treatment is valid, it’s incredibly hard to turn this over night and suddenly believe in something completely different … just because we are desperate. When we are desperate we are also closed in our energy and we are running for something that we most likely do not reach.

Healing is no quick fix.

That’s why you can hear a healer say: Please call again. I do not believe and do not hope it’s the money that drives them, but a sincere desire to help people. It’s like a treatment, the first time you’re going with a bad back, it’s awful, but then it helps with more treatments. To me, it is logical, but I realize that this is very strange when you do not believe that anything else is possible at all. Then it becomes cruel. Of course – that’s also logical. Some may say, “She did everything right, nevertheless, she died.” I understand that idea, the challenge is that we do not know what’s right. For this reason, we are left to either accept a set of systems that have been told to us, or create a new set of systems that we choose instead – and see what’s happening.

But more important to me is that to receive a healing I think its also about energy work that also the recipient often needs to perform after a treatment.

2013. Breastcancer that spread to my lungs.

I’ve read a lot about cancer and people who have become healthy – about changing the diet, living a good life, forgiveness, humor, supplements etc …. then we can ask – what was it that actually worked? How can we know? No, we do not have the ability to have clarity on this. It is researching yes. But for us who have already received this message, we do not have time to wait for breakthroughs in research – we live NOW. We need the help now, the solutions. I even sold everything and moved away to rest around this, because I want to live and I am willing to do anything to live. Then it helps when others share stories we can be inspired by. For example, the book Radical Remission is such an example of a researcher who has searched for common features on those who have experienced remission.

This is not about faith for me, this is all about turning everything up side down! Think of thoughts you have not thought before (difficult yes, because we mostly consist of “old thoughts” on autopilot), believe in something you have not believed in before, make success with something that scientists around the world havent done – solve the mystery of cancer. Do you understand! Hello – who do we think we are? Who can surpass all this! It takes crazy energy to even get started! Yes, I turned everything upside down. Let go of all my thoughts, my beliefs, what I’ve heard in all the years: “incurable cancer – it’s death sentence-you die.” “Yes, I got that message too, at worst, half a year to live again. What a message to receive. It’s inhumane.

How do you leave a belief – a brain that has been lined up to: get the cancer message = then you are dead.

It’s a very special way to live and it requires enormous focus and concentration to manage before you get used to it. Hours with manifestation (no manifestation is not just about the dream house), visualization, meditation, action, emotional work, energy focus – before the mindset – and faith is replaced.

It’s like reprogramming everything. Like uninstalling what one already knows, and install something completely new.

Easy? No, certainly not. Possible? Absolutely.

When you live like this, you also live 100% like yourself, I think you then find back to the soul and who you really are and was born as. Authentic. Because you’re freeing your energy, and then it’s no big deal anymore … if you get any bad comments, if anyone thinks you’re totally blown in your head or the fact that you’re standing there like a David against Goliat … changes are coming all the time , one day, I think cancer is something we can easily cure. Meanwhile, I’m researching this, so maybe I can give something to others who are interested in this. One day we wil manage this. But I think it takes a lot of people working outside the box.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. (Mahatma Gandhi)

This is not about cancer, but about life – the ability to change your story, but more about that in the next blog.

I will be very happy if you want to leave a comment. If you agree or disagree – what do you think?